Diamond City

Diamond City

LoreMay 30, 2022

Since a young age, you have felt an affinity to alchemy, but have lacked the knowledge and training to progress any further. Your father once told you about the Great Library in Diamond City. A grand building full of books containing recipes, material lists and all the potion making information you could need to become a great alchemist. So you set off to Diamond City.

After weeks of traveling you finally see Diamond city emerging ahead of you. As you reach the front gates, you look up at the crenellations on the walls and start to feel dizzy. The height and thickness of these stone walls give the impression this is some kind of Fortress or prison. However, people walk freely in and out of the city gates. Each city gate is wide open, welcoming you, one or two guards standing in front.

As you step through you notice hundreds of people going about their day, rushing from little shops, fixing wagons and relaxing on tables. In the midst someone is doing a little magic show for the children of Diamond City. Blue flags and banners whip in the wind as you walk down the bustling streets. The city is overwhelming to say the least. You dart down a couple of side streets out of curiosity and quickly regret it, you could easily get lost here.

Your primary objective is to find the great library, so you find your way back to the large central street that seems to house most of the denizens of Diamond city. You notice a guard pointing out the location of a small shop to a fellow cat. Approaching the guard you ask, “excuse me, I don’t suppose you could show me the way to the Great Library could you?”. “Of course!” she replies, and proceeds to point you in the right direction.

On your way you notice a huge white castle overlooking the city. The entantace appears heavily guarded compared to elsewhere. You assume this must be where the Council of Diamond City resides. They make all the important decisions with regards to Cooltopia and specifically the crafting guilds. The Council is made up of one leader from each guild and the King and Queen of Cooltopia. You hope to visit one day, but for now you need to focus on alchemy, “Books!” you think to yourself before sprinting off towards the library.

As you approach the library you notice a Featherclan standing in front of the doorway. “Oh, hello, I’m Quill. How can I help you?” Quill chirps. “Oh umm, I’d like to read some potion books if possible?” you squeak back. “Of course, follow me, but just so you know, no books leave the library ok?” Quill replies. “No problem, I’m planning on staying in Diamond City for now”.

Quill sets you up on your own table and asks you which books you would like to read. He sees the panic in your face and says “Hah, no problem, I can see you’re a beginner. I’ll get you a couple of basic books to go on with, how does that sound?”. “Perfect!” you reply.

The hours fly by as you soak up as much alchemy and potion knowledge as you can. You think to yourself… just a couple more hours, then I’ll head to my new dwelling in Diamond City.