Introducing the Cool Score

Introducing the Cool Score

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Summary: To ensure we’re always rewarding the most engaged and active members in our community, we’re implementing a new system called the Cool Score. Your Cool Score is an accumulation of points calculated by a variety of components, including the collection of NFTs you hold, your level of engagement within our community, your activity in Cooltopia, among other things. Take a deep dive into our Cool Score mechanics below to learn how this will have an impact on the Journeys to come.

What Is the Cool Score?

In 2023, we’re implementing the Cool Score to reward loyal members for their active contributions throughout our community. That said, we offer an easy way for you to see your starting Cool Score on our new and improved Cool Cats website. We intend to use this scoring mechanism for access to future collection drops, IRL events, VIP opportunities, and other offerings. Check out your personalized Cool Score to see your achievements, where you rank, and compare scores with your friends throughout the community.

How Is My Cool Score Calculated?

Cool Scores are calculated first by the number of Cool Cats and Cool Pets you own in your collection. If you hold multiple Cats and Pets in various wallets, each will be calculated separately. 

Your individual Cool Score is comprised of many different factors, including:

  • How long you’ve held your NFTs
  • Whether your Cool Pets are fully evolved 
  • What items you’ve hoarded from your adventures in Cooltopia
  • Your achievements and special event NFTs collected
  • Your level of community involvement 
  • and more… 

Cool Cats Cool Score Breakdown

*Please note: Cool Scores will fluctuate as your collection evolves and we will continue adding more scoring components as time progresses.

To access your Cool Score, connect your wallet to, select your profile, and your score will be displayed in the black box to the left of your NFT profile photo (as shown below).

Cool Cats Introduces the Cool Score

What If I Left the Ecosystem? What Happens If I Re-join? 

Everyone is welcome at Cool Cats. Your activity info is tied to your wallet ID. If you’ve departed from our ecosystem, your Cool Score will be recalculated based on your re-entry into the community as a new holder. Check in as our scoring system updates and be sure to hop into our Discord now and then to say hi. 

What If I Move My Assets to a New Wallet Address?

Your assets carry the most weight in your Cool Score. Unfortunately, any previous activity logged via your old wallet ID will be non-transferrable. However, Cool Scores will continue to evolve over time as we begin to put higher emphasis on new activity, so we recommend leaning into engagement and being an active participant in the Cool Cats community to help ramp up your new score. 

How Will My Cool Score Impact What Is Coming Next?

Your Cool Score will be the backbone and centerpiece of the Journeys we have planned and beyond. Each stage of the coming Journeys will reward new points, as well as level the playing field for those who have demonstrated long-term loyalty by remaining active throughout the Cool Cats community. To start, all Cool Scores will be retroactively calculated based on the details and components described above. Going forward, we seek to offer a valuable entry-point for all new Explorers. Expect your Cool Score to change seasonally as we progress through the various Journeys. Over time, your Cool Score will continue to shift towards your recent engagements among the community. Follow along to stay apprised. We Like the Cats!