Sapphire Town

Sapphire Town

LoreMar 30, 2022

As you step off the boat from the wandering Territory, you see a small port with a couple of people busily stacking heavy wooden crates onto a large ship. The sun is beaming down onto the dock. Every so often you are relieved from the heat as the sea crashes into the nearby rocks, spraying you with cool salt water.

Walking across the dock you hear the loud creak of a plank that feels like it wants to break underneath you. There are several small buildings, all made from large wooden beams and bricks. One building catches your eye, it has a large anchor attached above the door, that must be the harbor master’s office.

You continue making your way through the buildings and keep an eye out for any sign that points to the center of town. You make your way down a cobblestone path, past an eldery Cat who is cleaning her windows and a Gentlecat who is tinkering with some kind of pocket watch. He looks up and gives you a nod and you nod back. As you look up you see a sign that reads “Sapphire Town”, you can see an old bridge in the distance.

Swiftly, you make your way towards the old bridge, walking past some creepy looking ruins. Curiously, there is a mysterious fog surrounding the ruins. You get a bad feeling about this place and decide to keep walking, glancing back briefly knowing you’ll probably investigate them at some point.

You reach the old stone bridge and walk across slowly, your feet thudding on the ancient masonry. As you traverse the bridge you take a step back and admire Sapphire town.

Sapphire town is a bustling town with plenty to see and do. Off to the left, you can see a small park where children are happily running around enjoying the good weather. To the right is a gathering of trees with a singular log in the middle. This looks like some kind of shrine and you briefly ponder its use before moving on.

Beyond the park and shrine you see a very busy marketplace. Throngs of cats move back and forth, buying, selling and trading goods with each other. The tops of the market stalls are made of thick cotton in a variety of colors. The vast majority have white stripes through them. The stalls sell all sorts of goods, fabrics, fruits, vegetables, ore and even clothes.

Over the market you can see the huge Town Hall Tavern, a small blue tiled building and the Museum. You remember the Town Hall Tavern as a hub where Cats go to keep up to date with local news and get to know each other. It would be a good idea to come back here after you’ve found your new home.

You head to the small blue tiled building, which you can barely make out above the market stalls. Making your way through the market, nodding to the citizens as you pass by. You feel really lucky to have bought a house right off market square.

You open the door and head in.