The Story of Winter Beetah

The Story of Winter Beetah

LoreApr 28, 2022

Blue cat glanced out the window at the winter glow Wishing and waiting for even a slight fall of snow
He mused, as he wrapped his arms across his sweater “A little snow would make winter wonderland so much better”

But Blue Cat waited and waited and day upon day Rain and wind graced his view, but no snow came and lay
Would there even be a chance of a Snow Cat this year? Or would the rain keep washing the ground around his home clear?

Then Blue cat remembered of a tale he once heard. He remembered it well, though he thought it absurd.
Travel deep into the forest, the old Tale said For there you will find, Beneath his deep leafy bed

A hedgehog imbued with incredible power! Who will grant one simple wish, upon every hour.
But was his wish simple? Blue Cat mused What if the hedgehog simply refused?

Still, he felt determined as he glanced at the sky “I’m sure I’ll regret it if I don’t at least try.”
So, into the woods Bluecat strode Far from the town and away from the road

Through dense walls of trees and thick green grass Though prickly hedges that didn’t want him to pass
After his long trek, Bluecat approached a clearing. He couldn’t quite make out what he was hearing

Whirring of metal, chopping of leaves A slight smell of smoke, floating on the breeze
As he rounded a corner so deep in the wood Before him, a chainsaw-wielding hedgehog stood.

Blue cat visibly jumped back in alarm Could this creature mean to do him harm?
But the hedgehog laughed and let out a snort Chopping myself a winter tree he said in retort

Bluecat sighed and let out a smile His heart stopped beating so fast for a while
Then he cleared his throat and began to speak “Are you the one who grants wishes to those who seek?”

“I do” said Beetah, as he put down his tool But there is one very important rule.
I can only grant wishes that are pure and true And wishes like those are very few.

Bluecat was unperturbed by this revelation He simply wanted to give back to the Cooltopia nation.
Times had been hard, disasters had come He just wanted to bring some laughter and fun.

“Just some snow would be lovely…” said Bluecat meekly Worrying his wish wasn’t pure, he smiled rather weakly.
Then return home said Beetah your wish is done Look for the snow, with the rising sun.

That night Bluecat lay awake in his bed His wish was a little selfish, it had to be said.
It would make him happy, this much he knew. He hoped upon hope that his wish would come true.

And as the sun rose Bluecat jumped up in alarm He ran to open his window, and stretched out his palm
He waited, until his hope began to disband Until…a single crisp snowflake fell onto his hand

Then down the snow poured in torrents of white A soft blanket formed all around, bringing with it, delight!
The people rushed from their homes and started to cheer For so many it had been such a difficult year

But as they played in the snow, they started to smile And worry washed from them, just for a while
Bluecat ran out to his friends, excited to party throwing a huge ball of snow, that just missed Ardi.

And there ensued an epic snowball fight With laughter that could be heard long into the night
In the woods Beetah decorated his tree, Smiling to himself, he thought with glee…

Making those you love happy, and not just you, Is a wish that’s most definitely pure and true.